5 Reasons Why You’ll Want the Swiss Travel Pass

To drive or to take the train, that is the question.  In Switzerland, the answer is to take the train!  There is no place on earth that provides better train travel than Switzerland, and...

5 Fun Things to Do in Saas-Fee Switzerland in Summer

Saas-Fee is a premier skiing village in the Valais region of Switzerland, so why were we traveling to Saas-Fee in summer?  It wasn’t for the skiing, though Saas-Fee is unique because you can...

Four Days in Interlaken and the Swiss Alps

While we ended up spending a number of days in Switzerland’s cities, we wanted to spend plenty of time soaking in Switzerland’s nature, specifically the Swiss Alps and the Berner Obereland region.  To do...

Lausanne Things to Do Plus Lake Geneva Day Trips

Lake Geneva is the Swiss Riviera and part of French Switzerland.  It feels very different from other parts of Switzerland, what with everyone speaking French, and Lausanne feels very metropolitan and fashionable.  It’s almost...

Two Days, Three Cities: Bern, Murten, and Avenches

During our two-week tour of Switzerland, we set aside two days to visit Switzerland’s capital city, Bern.  With two days in Bern, we were able to visit many of Bern’s points of interest,...

Fairy-Tale Living with Two Days in Lucerne

The fairy tale view from our hotel room balcony.Lucerne is a town straight out of a fairy tale.  If we hadn’t known better, we could have believed we were in Fantasy Land at Disneyland...

What to Do With One Day in Zurich

With all of Switzerland’s nature, some guidebooks will suggest not even stopping in Zurich.  While we also were anxious to see Switzerland’s natural beauty, we did want to give Switzerland’s cities a chance, plus...

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